John B. Rowe is a pastoral counselor, psychotherapist, and spiritual director who is in private practice in Charlotte, NC. John received his Ph.D. in depth psychology in 2006 from Pacifica Graduate Institute and has been a pastoral counselor since 1986. Depth Psychology primarily is any form of psychology that cares about information that comes to us from the margins of consciousness or the margins of culture — the souls of individuals or the souls of communities. Made famous by the likes of Freud, Jung, and Horney, depth psychology holds that alongside conscious living is the world of the unconscious or unlived life. Jung particularly believed in the idea that the unconscious appears quite regularly through the images, symbols, and stories told by our dreams. And that it is through our dreams, that the unconscious seeks to correct and to heal our conscious conflicts and suffering — bringing healing and wholeness to both our bodies and our souls.

For information on dreamwork , dream groups, counseling or spiritual direction with Dr. Rowe, go to www.drjrowe.com.


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